Hello world!

Larry Grimm is a professional who blended into the background of our live-streamed Celebration for my husband. He also provided an emotional & heartfelt presentation for my loved one. Intermittently & appropriately announcing names & remarks from “attendees” across the US & Canada was a connecting, enlarging face to the Celebration.

So glad you could help me, Larry.” – Marilyn

“I loved the live webcast. It helped me to feel like a part of the family grief and sharing process. Its hard to travel so far for a Funeral even though you really want to be there and this made it all very real to me and very personal. It helped me to feel close to my family that was there and I also knew I was sharing it with other family members that were in different states so it was a feeling of closeness. I think it is an awesome service. Thank you for providing it.” Ginny